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 Rsgoldfast - Then you can run to safe placeПожаловаться!
Послано: 20-04-2021 10:10

Once you pass the tests the Oneiromancer will take whatever you've got in the testing region and RuneScape gold alow you to use your bank on last time before heading to the God chamber door. You will find Zanik in a crystal cage, when you aproach it that a female Goblin will poof in and ask you what it is you are doing. You tell her you are here to save Zanik. Aladrial (The goblin) will inform you that the High War God has plans to take over Runescape and won't alow Zanik to destroy his plans. You the stupid. . I mean courageous adventurer will tell Aladrial that Zanik is freed or you will personally see to it that the High War God pays.

Aladrial will then begin to to wail on you. Run for your life behind Zanicks cage and prepare yourself for a hard fight. Aldrial can't hit you , but you can't mage or include this spot either..its largely a place that you run, eat,pot, summon, etc..

Ok... here's the deal Aladrial will drain your prayer to 0 in the event that you turn on any security prayer. . .however. . .fortunatly for you goblin's get confused easily. Lets state Aladrial is meleeing you that is what she does initially...(hits 30'-40's) run to secure spot turn on protect from mage and run back. . .Aladrial will get confused beginning to mage you for 5 hits (hits 20's-30's), then will drain your prayer to 0.

Then you can run to safe place, eat, bud, and turn on protect from range. . .run back. . .And Aldrial will range you for 5 hits (hots 15's to 25's) and drain your prayer to 0. You can repeat this as many times as you'd like and attempt to kill her along with your desired battle of selection.

Once Aldrial is dead, then you'll be hit with a retropution kind spell which however many hitpoints you have will require you to 1 (If you have 1 hitpoint it will not go any further down). Your screan will subsequently faid to black, as you pass out from huge damage.For instance, that same someone (with 30 magic) can't take an infinite number of runes, no matter what type they are. I'll now post a guideline for what this method is meant to seem like; these are just examples, and I will leave it to the Quality Assurance team to buy 2007 runescape gold sort out the particulars.

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